Marcie Lenick


Michelle Albright Photography

I LOVE life! I guess that’s why I love my job so much, because it’s all about celebrating life and LOVE. I was born creative; it is a gift. As a kid I loved to draw, pick flowers … I would rearrange my room constantly! I wanted to go to art school, but it wasn’t in the cards back then. But God allowed me to use my gifts in so many other ways over the years , all being pieces of the puzzle which has lead to “Celebrating Love by Marcie”… His timing was perfect.

I am blessed with two incredible men in my life: my husband of almost 25yrs, and my amazing 24 yr old son. They are my world! I am TRULY blessed.
I tend to be a “go with the flow” kinda girl, BUT I get very focused when I get in “the zone”. When the light bulb goes off for a project I am working on, I am in my bliss and even sometimes forget to stop and eat!

I love to laugh and have been told I give awesome hugs!

Some of My Favorite Things

  • Grabbing a latte and going “treasure hunting” (i.e. thrifting) with my guy
  • Sitting on the beach (or in my backyard) with my sketchpad and a VERY sharp pencil
  • Margaritas and chips …though just had to go gluten free
  • Flea markets (over shopping malls)
  • Watching my son play drums with his band (He is so talented!)
  • Encouraging others (especially women)
  • Snuggles with our lil dog, Lazer
  • Showing God’s love through kindness
  • Creating something out of almost nothing
  • True love

Why I Love Wedding Design and Decorating

I love the romance of the past, but also love to be unique and think “outside of the box” I believe that is part of what drew me to the wedding industry over the past several years.

I love that weddings are now more personalized and creative. To show who you are and who you are becoming, as a couple. Bringing my clients’ vision to life is what I live for in my business and the relationship that develops as we work together is the icing on the cake. I love that my clients become friends.

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